January 18, 2013

During the festive break, I was down at Tilba, thinking about what really inspired me, and what I’d like to explore – professionally, but also personally, emotionally – this year. Three things kept coming to mind:

Landscape. So unavoidable when you are in such a unique spot as South Coast, New South Wales.

Form. Because otherwise we’d be unformed, or merely informal.

Materiality. Because in my experience, the medium is so very often the message.

The artist’s eye. And, of course, hand. Obvious, perhaps, but that’s only proof that it is quintessential.

Arriving back in Sydney, I headed straight to the source of knowledge that is Published Art bookshop. This Pawson-esque space, founded by Sharon Tredinnick (a true believer) over a decade ago is hands-down the hot spot for international and local books and magazines on art, architecture, fashion and design.

To wit…


Andrea Cochran: Landscapes – [click]

Cochran is, to my mind, one of the greats. She has a perfect balance of strength and release, hardness and malleability, and subtlety of materials (there it is!), tones and textures. But most of all, her work is just so conceptually clear.



Kengo Kuma: Complete Works – [click]

An incredibly contemporary interpretation of Kengo-san’s culture and its traditions. Amazing work. Modern as a bullet train, timeless as Mount Fuji.



Materials in Architecture [click]

Pretty obvious, I know. But it’s a great book, highlighting to perfection that materials should be integral to the design process, not an afterthought. An excellent sourcebook.


The Artist:

Paul Klee: Life & Work – [click]

Hand/eye coordination hits its apotheosis in Paul Klee. This is a genius book on a genius man. His work is just so right –so clear in it’s thinking – all the time. To get a glimpse into the big wide, diverse life that sits behind it all: awesome!


Oh, and I’ve decided to get back to my roots, to do much more sketching. Stay tuned.

Author: Nick tobias