July 6, 2011

Why a blog? And if a blog, why now?

The question is an obvious one, but one that any person about to give over a significant chunk of his time to recounting his professional – and even private – life must inevitably ask himself.

Here’s the thing: After nearly 12 years in the business and with over 100 commissions to its credit, Tobias Partners has evolved to a point where we’ve broken through the cloistered walls of the architectural profession and begun to put down roots in the culture at large. At any one of our weekly meetings, my team of 17 architects, designers and I get together to discuss what’s on our minds:  anything from media reaction to our controversial conversion of a heritage-listed harbour-side homestead (read the story here), to our latest coastal site with heavy challenges – Whale Beach. Or any one of the twenty-seven projects we’re working on right now. Then, a lively debate might ensue on the pros and cons of me participating in a prime time TV program about design. Others will voice concern about judging this or that design competition. Yet others will start the greatest debate of all: where to get the best cappuccino in Paddington (seems the tipping point has something to do with the foam:fluid:chocolate ratio.)

Then, someone else will chime in: “Nick, why don’t you write a blog?”

So, here I am, the solitary guy sitting at his computer writing – predominantly to strangers, but hopefully future friends – about what makes him, and his partners, and our clients, and our culture, tick. The guy who’s going to whip his camera out at inopportune – or to my mind, very opportune – moments to document behind-the-scenes moments in the making of our daily landscape. The guy who can take you along with him as he travels from site to site, city to city and country to country, checking out the best – and worst – of architecture and design today, and even from centuries past.

ToBias – it’s a Nick’s eye view onto the world of architecture and design as it intersects with our culture today.

– Nick.

Author: Nick tobias