May 25, 2012

The apple never falls far from the tree. Proof, once again, of the age-old adage is this very recent installation by artist Mika Utzon Popov (grandson of the demi-god/architect of Sydney’s Opera House). Take one fairly banal building, site it in a great location (immensely appealing to the glitterati, this slightly gritty street off the King’s Cross…) and commission a visionary artist to create a conversation-starter installation. It’s a sure recipe for success.

Looking at Popov’s poetic flock of doves, cut from metal plate and secured by a simple chemset rod, I find myself thinking of Gio Ponti’s knowingly naive enamel decorative pieces, most often set into walls of entrances, sitting rooms and, most remarkably, those fantastic faceted-tiled exteriors throughout his hometown, Milan. Reminding us, once again, that in the right hands, ornamentation is so very far from a crime.

Author: Nick tobias