April 20, 2012

Despite the fact that we’re probably years (or more likely, decades) away from seeing flying cars on our streets, it’s hard not to get excited when a new concept completes a successful test flight – especially when it’s as sleek, functional and sophisticated as the Pal-V One. Designed, built and tested by Dutch company Pal-V Europe (with some help from the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory and Delft University), the three-wheeled gyrocopter not only complies with existing international road and air vehicle regulations, but handles like a sportscar on the ground, is fast, safe and agile in the air, and transforms to either land or flight mode in less than 10minutes. What a way to visit our project sites! Watson’s Bay to Whale Beach by air, then a sporty drive down the South Coast and back that afternoon… We want one!

Author: Nick tobias