July 13, 2011


Okay, in the debate of whether I should participate or not, the pros obviously won. Of course, I was the ultimate adjudicator, and there were several reasons I voted to act as judge on this prime time TV program dedicated to architecture and design. Firstly, I was really impressed by the rigour of the recruiting process. Production company Granada went out of its way to locate highly credible architects and designers from around the country, all at the beginning of their respective careers – that is, the kind of folk most likely to bring fresh ideas and solutions to the curveball problems thrown at them every week of the show’s existence. But also, the kind of people who understand how to make a project viable in real terms, not just come up with fantasy propositions. I’m a notorious anti-DIYer, and the fact that Top Design wanted to include me, a trained, award-winning architect as a judge on the show, along with Amanda Talbot, an interior designer recently returned from a very successful 12 years working in the highly competitive London market, both intrigued and encouraged me. And then there was the choice of host: Jamie Durie, an extremely knowledgeable man, with a broad experience base and incisive insights into into many areas of cultural production.

The judging process was rigorous, the elimination stakes high, but in the end I’m convinced we voted for the most qualified, capable and professional person amongst the lineup of ten contestants.

Every week, just after the show goes to air on channel 9 at 8 pm EST, we’ll give you behind-the-scene commentary on moments we found particularly compelling. Stay tuned.

Author: Nick tobias