March 30, 2012

Wednesday night (28th April) was the opening of the newly refurbished and vastly expanded MCA – a very exciting event.

Contemporary Art plays such an important role in our society. It is portal through which we see deeper and deeper layers of the world we live in, and helps us to understand our societies, cultures and ourselves. It enables a greater understanding of those around us, ultimately creating higher levels of compassion, empathy, and thankfully humor, in our society.

The new MCA is Australia’s capital of contemporary art and Sydney is very fortunate to have it. Not only will it host the MCA’s permanent collection, but the gallery is of a standard that can demand the best international exhibitions, curators, speakers and events. And to top it off, the new space contains incredible children’s education facilities, a library, and a cafe with Sydney’s best view. All in all, a fantastic addition to our vibrant city.

If you are a contemporary art addict as we all are, you can support the MCA by becoming an Ambassador or Young Ambassador.

Author: Nick tobias