November 7, 2012

Edmund Spencer, one of our architects and the guy in charge of interiors here at Tobias Partners, has been working really intensely on an office project for Partridge, one of the country’s most innovative structural engineering firms. When Ed comes back from Partridge he is always stoked by the collaboration. You see, Partridge aren’t your everyday structural engineers, they have also done unique work on film sets like Mad Max and Wolverine, installations for Sculpture by the Sea and a truckload of other inspiring projects. Actually, Ed, this is your post. Take it away…

“Thanks Nick. Okay, so the office we completed for Partridge was very much part of their branding strategy; it was about creating a dynamic, collaborative studio workspace. Actually we took a lot of cues from our own office here in Paddington and adapted them to a suit a multi-storey office space. One of the great moments during the project was being invited to meet with Harry Partridge and artist/architect/academic/all-round great guy, Richard Goodwin, to select some artwork for the space. Goodwin is just back from the Venice Biennale of Architecture (on until November 25th, should anybody be heading that way…) and we were lucky enough to visit his home, studio and warehouse to choose a piece, and discuss his work at the Biennale. The work we all agreed on is Poroplastic (2008) – effectively an exploded motorcycle held together with tensile steel cables; it throbs with energy. Totally compelling. But, even beyond the excellence of the work, for me this was a great collaborative scene – architect, engineer and artist coming together – very much the way we like to work!

Thanks to the amazing team at Partridge, and to Jason Gibney, Martine Merrylees and Pia Wolanski at Tobias Partners, who made this project come together in such an enjoyable way.”

Thanks Ed.

Author: Nick tobias