May 15, 2013

To celebrate the Australian Financial Review’s ‘Bespoke’ symposium to be held tomorrow at the Opera House, Jeremy Langmead, Editor of luxury website threw a decadent dinner at The Rockpool Bar & Grill. Now, I hate the words ‘world-class’ but they really can’t be avoided when referring to chef Neil Perry’s flagship establishment, set up within the haute luxe marble interior of a disused Art Deco bank. Soaring green-veined marble walls, faceted columns and a fine crenellated plaster ceiling make for one of the most majestic settings for a meal that was spectacular in its simplicity. (Think grilled Blue Eye with a crunchy potato gratin served up in a sparkling copper pan. Chic.) London-based  Mr Langmead seemed suitably impressed. As I expect guests at tomorrow’s symposium will be by his insights into editing in the age of e-commerce.

Author: Nick tobias