January 16, 2013

We are proud to have, once again, collaborated with Tongue n Groove timber company.

Why? Because these guys are not only sincerely passionate about their craft – engineered solid oak boarding – but exceptionally innovative about the way they choose to present their product. Having designed their Sydney showroom a year and a half ago, we recently completed work on their Melbourne showroom.

What’s particularly unique about this brief is that the medium is – quite literally – the message. We’re not just designing a display to show off their product, their product is the display, and this fact adds layers of complexity we find really compelling.

We decided on a periscopic schema of aligned boxes – in effect, a system of monumental light wells that funnel light down into the bare, industrial space, across the various rich surface finishes and textures of the product.

A big shout out to Joshua Clapp, the very excellent builder who so beautifully brought our vision to light.

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Author: Nick tobias