September 17, 2013

The MCA’s 22nd annual Primavera show opened last week and it’s a fantastic sampling of what’s going on in Australian art right now. A capsule group show of Australia-born artists under-35, the Level 1 North Gallery is a hot box of cool ideas. On the left double-height wall, Thomas Jeppe’s X-ray vision renders the internal structure of the MCA building with graphic black lines tracing the transitional struts from old to new. A colourful, decorative element pays homage to Italian architect, Gae Aulenti. Very excellent. Diagonally opposite, Juz Kitson has populated the corner with her kinky memento mori, nets of goat hair, alpaca and various animal hides strung together and enmeshing porcelain and PVC objects in strange, almost totemic ways. I was particularly struck by the very poignant Better Half (2007-2013) series of photographs by Jackson Eaton: firstly a suite of images, an ode to the artist’s departed lover, the woman he never married; then a second suite, this time of the artist’s father in the identical poses and contexts, with the woman he successfully wed. It’s a soul-baring homage to the sometimes painful but always beautiful serendipities of life. That’s just my pick of three in a pretty terrific panorama of the local art scene. A must see!

Author: Nick tobias