June 14, 2012

Maybe it’s because in a few weeks’ time I’ll be hiking through the Swedish countryside, then popping over to Val Fex in Switzerland (Peter Zumthor’s stomping ground) for a look around. Maybe it’s because, as we speak, Sydney is slipping as far into the depths of Winter as it will ever really get. (Have you seen this light? Amazing!) Either way, it seems saunas are on my mind.

The Swedes, of course, excel at the art of relaxing à la vapeur, their Nordic nation dotted with spa baths and sauna-centred healing hotspots. Zumthor – as you blogsters have no doubt understood, my absolute idol – shot to fame with his Spa in Vals (built 1996).

At Tobias Partners we share the essential Modernist preoccupation with wellbeing (from the inside, as well as out) and as often as is feasible, build saunas into the plans for our client’s residential programs. Said clients may sometimes, at the outset at least, doubt the logic of such apparent extravagance. That is, until they walk in and – quite literally – begin to let off steam.

Author: Nick tobias