Whale Beach House

December 16, 2014

Location: Whale Beach NSW

Designed for a steep double block adjoining a beachfront reserve, this new residence maximises commanding views of the Pacific ocean. The sloping site lent itself to a stratified approach, so the program has one main level fully equipped for day-to-day living when the owners are lone, with the lower levels functioning independently for guests. Though connected within an overall unified structure, separate floor plates allow for independent living experiences. Perched within rocky outcrops, the structure is leaner toward the edges, the ceiling heights thus enhanced and the resultant sharp edges effectively framing the majestic views. Secondary spaces, such as circulation and service areas are located towards the building’s core and in some instances are compensated by enhanced distribution of light from above. This incredible site is a very unique place, with an inherent quietness. The building strives to maintain this quietness through calmness of space – no tricky detailing. Simplicity of design and elegance of finish allow the emplacement to take pride of place.











Australian Institute of Architects – NSW Architecture Awards – Shortlist, 2013

Houses Awards – New House over 200m2 – Shortlist, 2013

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Author: Nick tobias