Victoria House

December 8, 2014

Location: Woollahra NSW

The challenge of this project was to introduce contemporary design logic into the footprint of an existing 1960s building, located in a prestigious heritage conservation area in Woollahra, Sydney. The clients expected the generous bathrooms, kitchen and living areas in tune with the way we live today, and to attain a sense of space and light on a small site with height restrictions. The entire rear wall has been opened up to create a courtyard that can be used as both an indoor and an outdoor space. This flooded the back of the house with light and created a sense of openness. A skylight was introduced on the first floor, further filling the house with natural light. The strict room divisions of the original layout were replaced by a more open-plan approach. Each of the three levels was given its own outdoor area so that they could be fully enjoyed in all seasons. The exterior of the prominent corner building was designed to reflect elements found in the surrounding houses. The corrugated lines on the sloping roofs of the original terraces were echoed in the vertical lines cut into the render at the first floor level. On the second floor, a sloping zinc-clad mansard roof continued the reference. The windows of the house are long, full-height openings around the façade. From the inside, these openings serve to frame carefully-chosen views of the surrounding landscape . From the outside, they reflect the typically long Victorian windows common in the neighbourhood.







Interior Design Awards – Residential Interior Design – Shortlist, 2007

Commendation in the Woollahra Conservation Awards, 2006




Author: Nick tobias