Tongue n Groove Flagship

December 13, 2018

Location: Waterloo NSW

Australian brand Tongue N Groove has an exciting new home in Sydney, designed by renowned architecture and interior design studio Tobias Partners. The showroom experience is reinvented with a playful display of engineered, solid European oak boards on the floor, walls and ceiling.

The interior space highlights the versatility of oak and marks the beginning of endless design possibilities for architects, designers and consumers. The design concept and end result is ‘thinking outside the box’ at its best.

Nick Tobias, the founding partner of Tobias Partners, designed the interior, which aligns with the brand’s ethos of providing quality craftsmanship and pushing the boundaries of design.The space was transformed into a series of ‘experiences’ that Nick describes as “contemporary interpretations and variations of the product.”

The space acts as a stage to showcase the potential and design flexibility of Tongue N Groove solid oak boards in various ways. Timber panels float down from the ceiling that cleverly interplay with strip LED lighting; a gradation of coloured tones feature along a wall in a diagonal pattern; various finished floor levels display the range of colours and patterns available while the timber battens that sit on stunning brass mirror inlays divide the public and private rooms.

“Although our product range is recognised as high-end across the architecture and design industry,” explains Richard Karsay, Tongue N Groove Director, “we wanted to showcase the product in such a way that it appeals to a wider range of consumers and designers.”

With past experience in designing the brand’s previous showrooms, Tobias Partners understands that the core values of Tongue N Groove lie in its passion to provide the Australian market with an unmatched product in size, strength, flexibility of use, stability, quality and style. Comprising three layers of solid European oak and a 6mm wear layer, the product bestows elegance and durability upon each and every project.

The new interior space is an exciting celebration of oak that plays with various colours, textures, sizes, patterns and applications that Tongue N Groove has to offer. It is a dynamic display with a layout that encourages a playful discovery of material and space.

To encourage people to step foot into the showroom, architect Nick Tobias explains that “the entire shop front opens up with no visual obstructions.” This actively engages consumers from street-level, proving that the more sensory the experience, the more likely people get drawn in.

Author: Nick tobias