KM Yoga

December 16, 2014

Location: Bondi NSW

The brief for this yoga studio was to create an inspiring and peaceful place for the coming together of like minded people. Through consistency of fabric and use of a singular natural material to line the walls and ceilings, a clear conceptual language resonates, defining the studio volume and its use. Intimate and nurturing, the space gently envelops the occupant, creating a serene experience. Translucent screens diffuse natural light, acting as a supple filter, while excluding any clear reference to or distractions from the outside world. The intent is to evoke a sense of total immersion. In its overall planning, its use of three-dimensional surfaces, and its detailing, KM Yoga is articulated as a space dedicated to, and at the same time evoking, strength and resolve. A concealed storage spine morphs into the wall and ceiling lining at times when it is not needed, such that these elements are not actually in the room, rather accessed via the inner lining of this cocoon-like environment. Adjoining the studio, a narrow, awkward courtyard has been transformed into a lush oasis where raised timber platforms encourage gatherings amidst gathering and water – key elements to the spirit and energy of this place.







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Australian Timber Design Awards, Interior Fitout – Commercial – Finalist, 2013

Australian Timber Design Awards, Western Red Cedar – Finalist, 2013

Author: Nick tobias