Haxstead Garden House

April 18, 2018

Location: Central Tilba, NSW

The rural site with landscaped gardens, native bushland and views to the Sapphire Coast closely connects the Haxstead Garden House with nature and the elements.

The robust ‘brut’ concrete facade to the south frames coastal views and protects occupants from wild weather, while its monumental concrete gutter collects rainwater and forms the circulation spine internally.

A lighter prefabricated steel structure to the north opens the interior to the garden. The garden and building combined act as a microclimate designed to buffer the winds year-round, with sculptural beds of native grasses, cactus and succulents reflecting the coastal location.

The building strives for a clear expression of its construction with highly resolved details in concrete, steel, glass and timber. Materials are expressed as both form and finish with no superfluous components or decorative elements; instead the design is quiet and restrained, allowing the garden and the coast to come into focus.




Author: Nick tobias