Bundarra Apartments

December 1, 2014

Location: Bellevue Hill NSW

Originally a two-storey 1960s single residence, this building was subsequently converted into a duplex block consisting of two single-storey apartments facing north-west. The client’s intention was to create a third level for a new apartment with roof terrace above. The brief in doing so was to revive the original modernist character of the building. The design response was to extrude existing setback facades upwards, to form the new third-floor envelope, keeping the form crisp and cubic. A thin steel capping covers the roof, with full height windows lending the upper levels greater transparency, lightness, and district views towards Sydney Harbour. Living and outdoor entertainment areas face north, taking advantage of sunlight and panoramic views, while sleeping and bathroom zones are positioned to the southwest and street. The refashioned building brings a stark, fresh element to its conservative street-scape.







Author: Nick tobias