Booth House

December 7, 2014

Location: Sydney NSW

Originally a run-down single-story Federation terrace in a charming inner Sydney street-scape, the challenge of this brief was to optimise the living arrangement on a long, narrow plot whilst occasioning minimum disturbance to prevailing context. We were keen to keep the scale of the building modest, and ensure that the three storeys were never seen as one solid block. The existing front of the terrace was retained, but heavily re-worked. Running back through the site, the different areas are staggered over three levels; from a garage at the rear, up to the master bedroom suite at the top, which commands views over the neighbourhood and the city skyline. The scheme plays with different volumes: some overhang others, some are double height; the front section is separated from the rear by a semi-internal courtyard that allows light to filter in and can be seen from many of the internal spaces. The rear terrace then steps up over the garage and looks back over the property. The use of recycled Blackbutt timber for different planes, such as cladding and decking, finishes the scheme and introduces warmth through it’s natural colour. Large format glazing suites and simple forms help create a generous sense of space, both internally and externally.








Short-listed for the 2010 Interior Design Awards


Author: Nick tobias