July 25, 2013


As Sydney settles into a cycle of crisp, sunny mid-winter days, I’m getting the urge to splurge on bright colour. Not so much in my interiors (in that department, I still prefer to let texture do the talking…) but in my wardrobe. And if the recent European menswear collections are anything to go by, that’s probably just as well – Spring 2014 is going to pop! I guess the thing that most struck me was the incredible impact of the Burberry catwalk. I’d kind of lost interest in the brand these past seasons, but there’s no resisting the optimistic palette that seemed directly inspired by David Hockney’s Pop Art paintings. The carefree silhouettes, too, recalled Hockney’s own slouchy artist’s attire – mis-fitting sweaters with yawning necklines, oversized great coats, trousers a tad too short. In fact, the whole collection reminded me just what a pretty poster boy Hockney was for the British art scene – and for that very English eccentric sense of style. Tip top.

Author: Nick tobias