February 15, 2013

Last night I detected the first crisp breeze of Autumn (hey, don’t shoot the messenger!) and so I got to thinking about updating my wardrobe for the incoming chill. Looking over the European Autumn/Winter 2013 collections, held last month in Paris and Milan, there were a few looks I found very tempting indeed.

Bottega Veneta –  This caramel cashmere anorak (1) is pretty close to perfect. It’s flat front and oversized pockets on trend enough to look relevant, but not overblown enough to make me look like a victim. I can only imagine just how good it feels to the touch.

Dior Homme – An impeccable suit (2) designed by Belgian Kris Van Assche for that most iconic of Parisian brands. Van Assche effortlessly effaces all extraneous design elements, allowing for a chic, sleek silhouette that is almost architectural in its rigour.

Valentino – This two-piece suit (3) definitely has a bit of the Dolce Vitas about it. It’s interesting to me how the Italians this season seem a bit more frivolous, almost flirty, with their cuts. Windowpane checks dovetail with my eternal respect for the Duke of Windsor’s aesthetic – a cracker!

Louis Vuitton – I have to say, British designer Kim Jones has really come of age with his menswear collections for Vuitton. I was not such a huge fan of his own-label sports looks, back in the day, but KJ for LV is a winner. Where do I start? The sports jackets (4)…Big tick. Again, wide-paned fine checks seem so chic, and the richness of the threads’ colouring is top-notch. The coats are really plush – great volumes, gorgeous fabrics and lush colours – what’s not to like in an Oversized, Midnight Blue, Cashmere coat? (5) The weekend wear – Jones took the snow leopard as his mascot, and this sweater (6) is a total collector piece.

Hermès – This iconic ski sweater (7) hits me right in the heart – my dad had an almost identical one, back in the mid 1970s. A must.

Prada – Ah, Miuccia: how is it you seem to get it just so right, while we males seem to so often get it so wrong?  Last season you showed us how to dress with dignity, even pomp. This season you offer up an illustrated guide on How To Dress With Nonchalance (8). It’s Lit Major Geek, and it is just too, too chic. I’ll take the lot.

And then there were the NICK-A-NOT-PORTERS – Comme des Garçons (9): the Easter Bunny cometh!, Givenchy (10): Gridiron Gaga, Saint Laurent (11): Saint Vinnies more like, Sibling (12): No relation of mine!

Author: Nick tobias