September 17, 2012

We’re thrilled to announce that Tobias Partners has won the Master Builders Association award for Excellence in the $6million-$10million Housing category for its recently completed Bronte residence. A building like Bronte house is fully bespoke and certainly a challenge for any builder, especially at the exacting standards we, as a practice, demand. The builder, AEA Constructions, is as interested in collaboration – and excellence – as we are, and the house is a true tribute to their high standards – and their patience, given our constant refinement of detail along the way. The MBA judges said, “This luxury home was designed with zero tolerance between finishes. Attention to detail and supervision is evident with the skill of workmanship overcoming poor site access. The internal curved staircase is exceptional.”

In all honestly, we couldn’t agree with them more!

Author: Nick tobias