June 20, 2012

“Mingling 2012” was commissioned of video artist Grant Stevens, to acknowledge the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art’s Building Donors, and is now on display in the new MCA foyer. As a family, Miranda, my sons Samson and Griffin and I are all really chuffed to see our names appear in the work. Especially since supporting the MCA feels like a family tradition – Miranda, her parents’ and siblings’ names figure in a 1991 piece by Imants Tillers, installed in the foyer of the old MCA/Maritime Services Building.

Grant’s new work is delightful! In a typically simple, graphic manner “Mingling” incites an incredible sense of anticipation, inclusion and intrigue as the narrator leads the listener through an imaginary event that ultimately includes the names of all building donors. Like much of Grant’s digital work, there is a strong sense of the constant voice of our own inner-monologue and how it leads, excites, confuses and sometimes unnerves us.


Author: Nick tobias