JOHN COOTE (1949 – 2012)

February 1, 2012

I would like to take a moment to pay my greatest respects to John Coote who recently passed away.

John was a wonderful designer, an inspiring mentor, and a dear friend.

We met by chance 13 years ago and our connection was immediate and lasting.

When I was 22, John took me to Europe on his version of the “Grand Tour”. On that trip he gave me my greatest education as a designer. He put the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries in context for me – the history, the culture, the politics, the art, the architecture, the design – and how it all came together.

At the end of the trip he told me not to wait another moment, that I was ready to begin my private practice. And on his advice, I did.

Over the years, John & I travelled together and rendez-vous’d in various parts of the world, and on all our trips he introduced me to places and people I had never experienced the likes of before.

I had the privilege of collaborating with John on various projects over the years which was a pleasure and as always, an education.

The last time I saw John was recently in London. My wife Miranda and I had lunch with him in Pimlico. He was on form, so we squealed with laughter for the duration of the meal hearing about his travels, his clients, his friends and his children.

John was a rare individual, perhaps from another time, however he unquestionably made his mark on lives of many, and that mark was always in the most vibrant colors.

I will miss him very much.

Author: Nick tobias