October 14, 2013

When we were planning the grounds of our South Coast home in Tilba, Miranda and I invited our friend, horticulturalist and author Myles Baldwin down to landscape the place for us. For years, Myles has shown himself to be highly sensitive to the nuance of quietly shifting native plant life, but also to the lives of the folk who dwell on the properties he landscapes and has photographed. He’s not only unobtrusive, he’s a total pleasure to have around! Even more pleasurable, though, is seeing the beautiful images he curates assembled into a chic compendium by publishers Allen & Unwin. To my knowledge, no horticulturalist/author has focused on Australia’s unique coastal plains gardens before, and the choice is perfect since these plateaux provide a rich, varied terre and as a result encourage the growth of quite extraordinary plant families. On the softly undulating grounds of Tilba, for instance, he planted a perimeter of Melaleuca and Casuarina that softly frame native Poa and exotic Miscanthus grasses. We just love lolling about there! In Australian Coastal Gardens, Myles runs the gamut – from an old Copper mining town of South Australia to the sheer cliff faces of Dover Heights and the almost English terrain of the Mornington Peninsula. These gardens of delight are truly inspiring.



Author: Nick tobias