June 27, 2012

Windows. Don’t we all sometimes wish they would just go away? The closest we get to that is in a tropical resort setting, where they are simply not necessary. But few of us live at Amankila. At least, not full-time anyway.

In recent years our greatest find has been the Vitrocsa glazing system – only the Swiss could create something so beautiful, so restrained, yet of such high performance. Custom made sliding doors and window systems are of only 15 millimetre width and there is no need for either a top or bottom rail! When ordered in a dark colour they are nearly unseen. The head and footer tracks are beautifully detailed and able to be superbly flush into floor and ceiling. Vitrocsa also produce a fabulous guillotine frame, a floor-to-ceiling 3-panel sliding system that is as sharp as its namesake, and somewhat more graceful.

These have to (not) be seen to be believed.


Author: Nick tobias