August 10, 2011

I’m very excited to announce my invitation to speak at the 2011 Contemporary Australian Architects speaker series this September – an annual event held by the Australian institute of Architects in partnership with the National Gallery of Australia (NGA).

Now in its 24th year, the series is an opportunity for invited speakers to give some insight into their work and share their views on the state of the profession. I’m joined by some of the most exciting and progressive architects of our day, so very much looking forward to being involved.

The four-part series is held at the NGA in Canberra over 4 consecutive Wednesdays, beginning with my presentation on the 7th of September. You can find all the details at the NGA website here.

Hope to see some of you there!


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July 25, 2011

Peter Zumthor has been one of my heroes  for a long time now. He works from a small studio in the village of Haldenstein, Switzerland and over the past 30 years or more has consistently produced buildings that whilst reduced to only the most relevant essentials, embody a most extraordinary richness – the results are always emotionally moving, buildings that belong completely to their place and will do so for time eternal. Through their subtleness and masterful refinement, they all posses a most extraordinary strength, presence and memorability.

Zumthor won the Pritzker Prize in 2009 – there is no bigger award for Architecture, and to my mind, no architect more worthy of it. So as I sat on the plane, planning a few-day visit  to London, Hyde Park Zumthor’s summer Pavilion at the Serpentine, Hyde Park, was top of my list. A temporarary structure, built to a tight time frame and an even tighter …

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July 6, 2011

Why a blog? And if a blog, why now?

The question is an obvious one, but one that any person about to give over a significant chunk of his time to recounting his professional – and even private – life must inevitably ask himself.

Here’s the thing: After nearly 12 years in the business and with over 100 commissions to its credit, Tobias Partners has evolved to a point where we’ve broken through the cloistered walls of the architectural profession and begun to put down roots in the culture at large. At any one of our weekly meetings, my team of 17 architects, designers and I get together to discuss what’s on our minds:  anything from media reaction to our controversial conversion of a heritage-listed harbour-side homestead (read the story here), to our latest coastal site with heavy challenges – Whale Beach. Or any one of the twenty-seven projects we’re working on right now. …

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