May 21, 2013

Last week saw the inauguration of the TP-designed library of the Montessori School in Bondi. Total disclosure number 1: my wife Miranda Darling is, among many other talents, a published author. Total disclosure number 2: my two boys, Samson and Griffin are enrolled as students at this school. These facts made the importance of reading – a reality sometimes relegated to the realm of abstract truism – a total home-grown truth, indeed our focus here at Tobias Partners as we worked on the design and delivery of a key component of this terrific school’s offer.

We are really chuffed to have been able to have made a significant donation to the library through design, documentation and management of the library project. Keeping it simple, we opted for a gridded structure in unfinished ply wood that took full advantage of the natural light flooding into the library precinct of the building. Leaving the room as uncluttered as possible means that the children can interact with the books in an organic rather than regulated manner.

Tony Kay, Deputy Mayor of Waverley, and the school’s principal Bill Conway both seemed to highly enjoy Deborah Abela’s reading from her very excellent Max Remy Spy series. Or perhaps they were happy about the rice paper rolls, donated by that feisty – and generous – entrepreneur, miss Nahji Chu.

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Author: Nick tobias