May 31, 2013

It’s always a delight to see Tobias Partners’ projects featured in the press. For the affirmation, of course. But also, and even more importantly, for the pleasure of reading the critics’ interpretations of our work. We were particularly thrilled to read Chris Pearson’s insightful interpretation of our recently completed, somewhat sprawling house in Bronte in this month’s Belle magazine. Pearson digs right back to Tobias Partner’s roots; even before Nick Tobiss set up the practice, he toured Europe’s classical architectural gems with the late, great interior designer John Coote, and quite rightfully hones in on Nick’s fascination with Palladian villas. While this Bronte home is avowedly down-to-earth in its glamour, we gleefully accept Chris’ point about “proportion, scale and gravitas”. Recommended reading.

Author: Nick tobias