August 28, 2012

This project was all about a brave, trusting, contributing client. The brief – to maximize natural light and ventilation and to optimize the magnificent views – was clear. But, to be frank, we’ve heard that before. What was extraordinary with this particular client was the level of buy-in, across the board; from initial proposition, to mid-way evaluation, to finished deliverables: the client was there with us, all the way. And that made this project such an incredible pleasure – collaboration being a catch-cry at Tobias Partners, though we’ve rarely felt it quite this intrinsically.

To speak technically, a single-storey pavilion is set perpendicular to a two-storey element separating the public and private outdoor spaces and creating an independent backyard. Interior living areas are oriented towards a horizon-edge swimming pool that traces the edge of the site, visually connecting it to the ocean. Dramatic contrast between solid and void and changes in volume and height are explored in the progression of spaces.

It doesn’t matter how you express it in text, in reality this building is an absolute winner!

Author: Nick tobias