ART FRIDAY – 23/09/11

September 23, 2011

A few months ago, our Managing Associate Director, Jason Gibney, inspired by his friend Justin Nagorcka, came up with the idea of Tobias Partners curating a monthly Art Friday event. (Yes, we know there are four fridays a month, but this way, at least one of them would be truly high on our cultural agendas.) The idea was for two or three of us to create a piece from objets trouvé within the studio space.

This Art Friday, we were excited to see…

Matthew Krusin’s Red Tape creation, upstairs in the maquette bureau, just before the kitchen..

Marielle Tiggeler’s Cloth & Paper assemblage took pride of place in the conference room…

And Jason’s own Post-it note Space Invader greeted clients as they walked into reception. Next step, Venice!

Author: Nick tobias