June 3, 2013

Doing great work for a great client is so rewarding. Seeing that work recognised by a jury of our peers is awesome! So happy, then, that our design for the Tongue n Groove showroom has scooped the Best Retail and Best in State prizes at the 2013 Australian Interior Design Awards. In a very real sense, this award recognizes the client’s audaciousness of brief as much as our response to it. At a time when retail is suffering enormously, it is our belief that strong, conceptually coherent design will win the day, forging a path ahead of the pack. As online shopping becomes increasingly common, retail today has to be a total immersion experience.

Thanks to the jury for commending the ‘clarity, assuredness and spirit’ of the project – we take it as the Tobias Partners motto.┬áMy thanks also to Edmund Spencer and Pia Wolanski of Tobias Partners for their invaluable input as well as builder Joshua Clapp for the excellence of his craftsmanship.

Author: Nick tobias