May 24, 2013

Miranda and I hit the ground running yesterday for day one of the Art Basel Hong Kong Art Fair. After an amazing breakfast at Café Grey on the 49th floor of the Upper House (swarming with familiar faces!) we headed to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre where works by over 2,000 artists from around the globe are spread out over two massive floors. The ground floor is filled with large-scale works, the first floor a little less intense: both floors echoed with a cacophony of accents – from French to Mandarin to German to Strine. Spotted: some extraordinarily elegant young Mainland Chinese being guided around by their advisors, barely looking before buying! I was chuffed to stumble upon some of my favourite Aussie galleries in the mix – Jensen Gallery and Roslyn Oxley9 to name a couple. A quiet dinner for four at the much-reviewed Hutong turned into a crazy banquet for fourteen, and the revelry continued way into the night. Deep breath – day two…

Author: Nick tobias