February 28, 2014

It’s shaping up to be a bumper year, here at Tobias Partners. The practice is a tight army of top-notch architects and designers and 2014 is going to stretch our skills – diplomatic as well as technical – to the max. We’ve got private house projects up and down the coast, from Roseville to Lavender Bay. Like Fran Lebovitz in Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, we cover the waterfront!

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February 11, 2014

There’s something about an Air France hostess that just screams, Chic! Is it the sweep of her chignon, or her Christian Lacroix-designed uniform? Either way, there’s the same je ne sais quoi quality to the carrier’s inflight magazine, Air France Madame. For years now, it’s won awards for its excellent coverage of French and international culture. Like the reportage in the latest issue on Sydney, by resident journalist Marie Le Fort. In a beautifully laid-out three page spread, mademoiselle Le Fort covers some of my personal favourite food spots, including The Sailors Club at Rose Bay, The Boathouse at Palm Beach, and that terrific Greek restaurant, Apollo at Potts Point. But of course, the thing I’m particularly chuffed about is her mention of “the plush, imaginative spaces created by Nick Tobias for The Bridge Room.” The Bridge Room, Sunny and Ross Lusted’s fantastic CBD eatery, really is one of the finest dining experiences in …

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