January 29, 2013

Last week, Living Edge furniture company kindly invited members of Tobias Partners out for an evening’s yacht racing aboard the sleek, 42-foot, timber yacht, Mercedes IV, as part of the Twilight Race calendar at CYCA. When we got down to the Yacht Club, we found that our skipper for the evening, as well as owner of the yacht in question, was none other than the very dapper and extremely talented architect, Peter Stronach.

Here’s what Pia Wolanski from our interior design team, has to say about the experience:

“It was great! The conditions were perfect – enough wind to make it exciting, but not enough to make us seasick – and it was so beautiful, slipping out from the moorings at Rushcutter’s Bay, past Shark Island and toward Watson’s Bay. Peter’s an impressive skipper and accomplished architect. He was recently inducted into the Life Fellowship Hall of Fame by the Australian Institute of Architects …

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Un Ange Passe

January 22, 2013

When I heard the news of Andrée Putman’s passing, I marked it with a minute’s silence. During those sixty seconds, so many images flashed through my mind. Images of the Morgans Hotel on Madison Avenue, Ian Schrager’s first foray into the hotelier trade – a stark, black and white checkerboard concoction that pretty much launched Andrée’s career. Andrée was a natural born decorator. Her rigorous upbringing (the daughter of a wealthy Lyonnais banker, she studied music under Francis Poulenc) meant she totally got the modernist canon. But the self-assurance that came from being the offspring of the very haute bourgeoisie meant she approached it all with an incredible playfulness. Savvy in business, she acquired the copyright to the archive of Eileen Gray – and edited key pieces under the aegis of her company, Ecart. It’s worth considering that without her prescience, the names of Gray, but also Robert Mallet-Stevens and Jean-Michel Frank may resonate …

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January 18, 2013

During the festive break, I was down at Tilba, thinking about what really inspired me, and what I’d like to explore – professionally, but also personally, emotionally – this year. Three things kept coming to mind:

Landscape. So unavoidable when you are in such a unique spot as South Coast, New South Wales.

Form. Because otherwise we’d be unformed, or merely informal.

Materiality. Because in my experience, the medium is so very often the message.

The artist’s eye. And, of course, hand. Obvious, perhaps, but that’s only proof that it is quintessential.

Arriving back in Sydney, I headed straight to the source of knowledge that is Published Art bookshop. This Pawson-esque space, founded by Sharon Tredinnick (a true believer) over a decade ago is hands-down the hot spot for international and local books and magazines on art, architecture, fashion and design.

To wit…


Andrea Cochran: Landscapes – [click]

Cochran is, to my …

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January 16, 2013

We are proud to have, once again, collaborated with Tongue n Groove timber company.

Why? Because these guys are not only sincerely passionate about their craft – engineered solid oak boarding – but exceptionally innovative about the way they choose to present their product. Having designed their Sydney showroom a year and a half ago, we recently completed work on their Melbourne showroom.

What’s particularly unique about this brief is that the medium is – quite literally – the message. We’re not just designing a display to show off their product, their product is the display, and this fact adds layers of complexity we find really compelling.

We decided on a periscopic schema of aligned boxes – in effect, a system of monumental light wells that funnel light down into the bare, industrial space, across the various rich surface finishes and textures of the product.

A big shout out to Joshua Clapp, the very excellent builder who so beautifully …

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January 11, 2013

Tobias Partners would like to wish you health, happiness and excellence in all of your endeavours in 2013. Our first week has in fact been excellent and that is exactly how we plan to go on!

Best wishes,


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