September 21, 2012

In a world increasingly defined by The Sartorialist and The Selby, that is, documenters of what is, rather than adjudicators on what should be, the question of etiquette, to my mind, becomes increasingly relevant. I’m not plugging for the Republicans here, just suggesting that sometimes knowing the correct – or let’s say, most elegant – way of doing things, is knowledge that can’t go astray. As anyone who has undergone the humiliation of attempting to pass the cheese platter twice, in Paris, can tell you: rigour is still de rigeur.

So, I was happy to recently stumble across the assembled works of John Bridges and Bryan Curtis for fabled Upper East Side haberdashers, Brooks Brothers on (total disclosure, I am a member of Mr Porter’s Style Counsel, but the stumble was really just that…) These guys are funny, incisive, camp comme il faut. My favourite volumes to date are A Gentleman at the Table (beware the cheese plate!) …

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September 17, 2012

We’re thrilled to announce that Tobias Partners has won the Master Builders Association award for Excellence in the $6million-$10million Housing category for its recently completed Bronte residence. A building like Bronte house is fully bespoke and certainly a challenge for any builder, especially at the exacting standards we, as a practice, demand. The builder, AEA Constructions, is as interested in collaboration – and excellence – as we are, and the house is a true tribute to their high standards – and their patience, given our constant refinement of detail along the way. The MBA judges said, “This luxury home was designed with zero tolerance between finishes. Attention to detail and supervision is evident with the skill of workmanship overcoming poor site access. The internal curved staircase is exceptional.”

In all honestly, we couldn’t agree with them more!

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September 14, 2012

The Kinghorn Cancer Centre at Sydney’s Saint Vincent’s Hospital is a fine example of a community pulling together to attain an extraordinary outcome. Cancer treatment at Saint Vincent’s has always had a reputation for excellence and the Garvan Institute is world-renowned for its pioneering research. Bringing those two battalions in the fight against cancer together under one roof is an initiative that must be applauded. Acknowledged, too, must be the extraordinarily high level of philanthropy activated to make this fine building a reality. There are many things we may not like about American culture, but the initiative taken by private individuals in supporting charitable causes is one thing we should admire. In the case of the Kinghorn Centre, private individuals contributed a total of $50 million. The government better than matched that, chipping in $70 million.

As for the building itself, by BVN (among the most prominent ‘big’ architectural firms, since absorbing James Grose’s practice some years ago), it is impressive, …

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September 5, 2012


The third annual Bag Lunch is totes inked into my agenda for September 7th. This fundraising for the Intensive Care Unit of the Sydney Children’s hospital is glamorous and fun, but also so incredibly essential. Sure, at first glance it’s 200 of Sydney’s business glitterati all gathered together to dance around a pile of handbags, but in its first two years the Bag Lunch raised over $200,000 for the ICU at Randwick hospital. A grab-bag (sorry…) of great labels – Prada, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Marni, among others – have donated a variety of bags to be auctioned off this year. I’ll be there, and even better, I’ll be the only bloke there. Oh, except Jamie Gordon 😉

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September 4, 2012

So, despite my better judgement, I recently signed-on to Instagram. Sure, I know, the “one picture is worth a thousand words” schtick, and I, too, naturally veer away from this easy premise. But i have to say, there is something just too amazing about recording the sublime silliness of our – come on, let’s be honest – stupidly fabulous lives. It can be a quick snap of my kids, bums up in the snow, a haphazard snap of the stuff laying on my desk, or just a passing shot of a sexy tree encountered on the way home. It’s all grist to my mill – as I know it is to yours. You can find me @tobiaseye.

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