April 27, 2012

A collaboration between my favorite Architect and one of my favorite Artists! This incredible (and chilling) structure was designed and built in remembrance of 77 women and 14 men who were found guilty of sorcery and put to death during 17th Century witch-hunts in Norway. Zumthor has, with his usual mastery, captured both place, history and narrative with complete honesty and elegance, and Bourgeois’ sculpture of a constantly burning chair named ‘The Damned, The Possessed & The Beloved’ brings me to my knees! Just have to find time for a visit!

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April 20, 2012

Despite the fact that we’re probably years (or more likely, decades) away from seeing flying cars on our streets, it’s hard not to get excited when a new concept completes a successful test flight – especially when it’s as sleek, functional and sophisticated as the Pal-V One. Designed, built and tested by Dutch company Pal-V Europe (with some help from the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory and Delft University), the three-wheeled gyrocopter not only complies with existing international road and air vehicle regulations, but handles like a sportscar on the ground, is fast, safe and agile in the air, and transforms to either land or flight mode in less than 10minutes. What a way to visit our project sites! Watson’s Bay to Whale Beach by air, then a sporty drive down the South Coast and back that afternoon… We want one!

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April 12, 2012

It’s a privilege to be asked to conceive and create a fashion designer’s first store, helping them make their vision – literally – concrete. Our latest retail project is Rachael Gilbert‘s flagship boutique, in Paddington. When the pieces on display are in themselves so bold and vibrant, the store had to be a subtle backdrop. So we opted for a play on soft, muted colours and materials, but still with just enough reflection and shine to give it a jewel-like appeal. The result is a simple, elegant setting which both absorbs and projects the colour-ways and silhouettes of each new season’s collection – and creates a brand new playground for the growing number of dedicated Rachael Gilbert fans.

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We’re very enthusiastic at the prospect of reviving 20 Illawong Ave, Tamarama – it’s one of the largest buildings in the area and it couldn’t tell a sadder story in its current state, so we’re happy to announce that after a lengthy and thorough process of design, documentation and community consultation, the Development Application for its redevelopment was lodged with Waverley Council last week.

This is a landmark project for Tobias Partners, offering the opportunity for improvement not only for the occupants of the 80 apartments in the building itself, but also for the local community. The proposal seeks to make the building safe, secure, functional and (as importantly) a piece of architecture the community can be proud of.

Looking forward to a productive approvals process and to the realisation of this exciting project!

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April 5, 2012

One of the more interesting facets of architecture, and indeed design, is that the success of our work is often hinged on the process of transference – the passage of feelings and perspective from one person to another. Whether it be a family home, retail or professional space, an alignment of thinking beyond what is written or briefed is critical to delivering the right outcome, which was precisely the case with KM Yoga.

The brief for KM Yoga was simple, which gives the end product the best chance of being distilled and potent with shared understanding. In its overall planning, three-dimensional faces/elements, and in its detailing KMYoga shows strength and resolve, yet creates a space appropriate for its intent – an inspired and peaceful place for the coming together of like minded people.

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