September 6, 2011

It’s another of our fortnightly seminars, where the whole team (here, clockwise from me, standing, is Jason Gibney, Leonardo Calica III, Manu Doebelin, Richard Darvill-Moore and Sam O’Neill – and I reckon those are Marielle Tigeller’s sneakers..) is brought up to speed on new projects, new technologies – and any new sandwich shops in the area.


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What do you give a brand that has everything? (Read: chic, savvy, attitude and wit…) We figured we’d offer them a store to match their aesthetic, at least, from our conversations with Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman, the way we interpreted it. High Street Armadale is clearly the new Melbourne precinct for sharp designer dressing, so here at TP we envisaged a retail space that was all raw urbanity – polished concrete stuck with rugged brass tacks, cantilevered furniture – rolled out within neo-classical walls replete with geometric moldings, and shiny brass rails to keep the goods afloat.


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Wow – what a commitment! Carved off the end of a peninsula on the Derwent river, architect Nonda Katsalidis has done an amazing job making a home for David Walsh’s private museum. I recently joined a group of Young Ambassadors from Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art down to Hobart, and we were all blown away by the collection – it’s big and bold…… with a lot about sex and poo. The presentation of the work is so impressive, and the use of their “O” app on an Ipod is great, especially given the diversity of media. Emerging after several hours, my mind was spinning. I’m not sure whether due to the intensity of the collection, or the fact it was like being in a mine (it was so dark!) A much recommended trip.



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Designing a Sydney restaurant for this pair of global nomads was lots of fun. Sunny and Ross Lusted have spent years working front and back of house with the acclaimed Aman resort group, so of course they brought a strong concept to the table. To match it, we came up with an interior that is part Japanese, part Scandinavian, and a lot about a relaxed, stylish dining experience. Housed in a classified 1930s building close to Circular Quay, the Bridge Room is an eclectic mix of influences brought together into a seamless whole. Personally, I love the felt “origami” wall – at once an extension of their East-West aesthetic, and a great sonic buffer to boot!

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September 5, 2011

The great Harry Seidler conceptualized the original vision for this site overlooking the inlet of Tamarama, just South of Bondi beach. Sadly, however, Seidler’s dream was never fully realised; in its place arose the building we see today – frankly, a bloody mess, and a pock mark on Sydney’s coast. Tobias Partners  is honored to be part of the team charged with implementing a new masterplan and revitalizing the existing building. We plan to make this building an example of what can be done through collaborative and lateral thinking!

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