August 26, 2011

An architectural studio necessarily exists beyond its own boundaries, to have real impact it has to engage with the culture at large. At a key moment in the evolution of our large-scale projects, the team hops on a bus and goes on a site tour – this allows them to see in reality what they have all been working on in theory back inside our Renny street, Paddington HQ.

We’re an extremely process-driven practice, and these outings are not only experientially important to our technical R&D process, but also underscore the very social nature of the team’s collaborative work dynamic. This Whale Beach house is a mammoth structure, and a project of which we are naturally very proud. To see the whole team up there, pacing it out, handling the materials, checking the perspective… that is an aspect of our practice that i simply would not do without.

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August 19, 2011

As the show progresses, we’re steadily getting to the pointier end, where the contestants are really coming up with quite exciting designs. I’m being particularly tough on Robert because he is good and needs to keep growing.

I thought his light fittings made out of old racing bike handle bars were a brilliant piece of design; and considering he had a day to come up with the idea and to make them, very very good! So elegant, so easy to make, and they actually worked.

It’s becoming clear that those who have a strong place in the competition are those who draw their ideas from a reasonable depth of experience and intelligence. The strongest ones have a solid thought process – this means they are able to adapt to the variety of design challenges they are being presented with and work across all fields – industrial design, styling, architecture, landscaping – quickly!

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August 10, 2011

I’m very excited to announce my invitation to speak at the 2011 Contemporary Australian Architects speaker series this September – an annual event held by the Australian institute of Architects in partnership with the National Gallery of Australia (NGA).

Now in its 24th year, the series is an opportunity for invited speakers to give some insight into their work and share their views on the state of the profession. I’m joined by some of the most exciting and progressive architects of our day, so very much looking forward to being involved.

The four-part series is held at the NGA in Canberra over 4 consecutive Wednesdays, beginning with my presentation on the 7th of September. You can find all the details at the NGA website here.

Hope to see some of you there!


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August 8, 2011

Tobias Partners is exactly that: a partnership. A collection of (in all modesty!) great minds that don’t necessarily think alike, but certainly see eye-to-eye enough to guarantee a consistency of vision and output. So my congratulations go to two of my closest colleagues, Jason Gibney and Richard Peters, both of whom have recently won awards for their designs of their family homes.

Last month, Jason (Managing Associate Director of Tobias Partners) was recognized by Houses magazine for the beautifully-crafted apartment he designed for his family, in Bronte.

Richard Peters (Associate Director of Tobias Partners) converted this 100 year old industrial shed in Randwick into a stunning home, scooping first the Alterations & Additions category at the Randwick Urban Design Awards 2012, and now also winning the Houses award for Alterations and Additions under 200 m2.

You can learn more about these guys here, but for my part, having worked with them at Tobias Partners …

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