August 8, 2011

Tobias Partners is exactly that: a partnership. A collection of (in all modesty!) great minds that don’t necessarily think alike, but certainly see eye-to-eye enough to guarantee a consistency of vision and output. So my congratulations go to two of my closest colleagues, Jason Gibney and Richard Peters, both of whom have recently won awards for their designs of their family homes.

Last month, Jason (Managing Associate Director of Tobias Partners) was recognized by Houses magazine for the beautifully-crafted apartment he designed for his family, in Bronte.

Richard Peters (Associate Director of Tobias Partners) converted this 100 year old industrial shed in Randwick into a stunning home, scooping first the Alterations & Additions category at the Randwick Urban Design Awards 2012, and now also winning the Houses award for Alterations and Additions under 200 m2.

You can learn more about these guys here, but for my part, having worked with them at Tobias Partners for over seven years now, I can say that they are not only rigorous architects and visionary designers, but inspiring team leaders and all-round good blokes to have on board.

It’s interesting to me that many of these awards went, cooincidentally, to architects designing their own family homes; a context in which, as we all know, budget responsibilty takes on a very immediate meaning. Creative freedom, on the other hand, is at its zentih, since you are your own client. The lesson? Good guidelines (a family home is not a bachelor pad) + inspiring brief + freedom to experiment = great design… Oh, and a talented designer helps too.

Okay, back-patting over. Back to work…

Author: Nick tobias