May 1, 2012

The early stages of our most recent alteration and extension project is looking very much like a Meccano set!

We’re fortunate enough to work some of the best building companies Australia has to offer, and Bellevarde Constructions are, of course, no exception – they’re doing a fantastic (and particularly tidy) job of fitting these custom-made steel sections to an existing structure with surgical accuracy. These guys are the “swiss-watch maker” of builders!

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October 26, 2011

Tobias Partner teamsters Richard Peters and Manu Doebelin are taking the lead on this unique residential site perched high on the southern headland of Clovelly, on the South coast of Sydney. A light coastal breeze, calming ocean swell and sweeping views out over the Pacific will inspire the framework for this large 5-bedroom family home.

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September 29, 2011

A bijoux of a shop for a jewel of a designer. We’re orchestrating a showcase for her true-chic creations. Opening party oblige.

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September 5, 2011

The great Harry Seidler conceptualized the original vision for this site overlooking the inlet of Tamarama, just South of Bondi beach. Sadly, however, Seidler’s dream was never fully realised; in its place arose the building we see today – frankly, a bloody mess, and a pock mark on Sydney’s coast. Tobias Partners  is honored to be part of the team charged with implementing a new masterplan and revitalizing the existing building. We plan to make this building an example of what can be done through collaborative and lateral thinking!

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July 18, 2011

New Zealand. We’re very close to a place called Arrowtown, a delightful gold rush village. Today is the first time I’ve actually visited this site. It has a beautiful aspect – views to the South through trees (the Japanese call this aspect Shirawage and it’s more highly valued than views without trees.) We’ve spent the morning getting to know the site, the earth, the local materials and crafts available. The local stone is Schist, which will certainly feature in the structure and will assist in creating “thermal mass”, a part of the building that can retain the sun’s heat during then day so it can be released again when the outside temperature cools at night. We will embrace local materials and crafts so the building is as much “of its place” as possible. We’ve been researching a geothermal heating system that can be done on this site. It will involve bore holes (about 10cm …

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July 7, 2011

As it stands today, Tobias Partners has 27 projects up and running. And each week we plan to give you an insider peek at one of these, at various stages of development. Of course, we love seamless finishes, best quality material and the streamlined, clean lines of our finished homes and commercial sites. But we also love the process, the getting there, with all the grime and dust and sweat that comes with it. Architecture isn’t just about glamorous homes and glossy mag lifestyles; it’s about finding real solutions to everyday issues – and making life better along the way.

Project:  A five level home, and an adaptive re-use of a post-war apartment block Location: Ben Buckler Point, Bondi Handover date: mid 2013

So, that’s it for today. All that remains to be resolved is the great cappuccino debate. But we’re on it, trust me.

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